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The time of choosing a career path for the high school graduate is a tough one. Many people will feel that they should get a high paying job that will sustain them throughout their lives. Up to some extent, this is true, but the main problem is that you should be happy with your choice of a career. This is important, since you will be stuck in your career until retirement. Thus, it is important for you to choose a career path that is within your calling. For those whose eyes are in the skies, then becoming an aerospace engineering can be a good choice.There are many different scopes to becoming an Aerospace Engineer. One scope of this career deals with aeronautics. In essence, aeronautics is the engineering branch that deals with designing planes, helicopters, military jets and other air worthy vehicles. In fact, a huge number of aerospace engineers work in the aeronautics sector that encompasses the private sector as well as the government. Especially, the huge increase of demand in the aviation sector has made the demand for aeronautical engineers to become more than ever. Moreover, the advancements in commercial aircraft such as Airbus and Boeing has made aeronautical engineering a very promising career prospective.Of course, this career is not just about aeronautics. For those who are also interested in astronautics, it is possible for an aerospace engineer to work closely with satellites, rockets, space stations as well as ground stations. From a commercial point of view, many aerospace engineers work on satellite communications technology, as most of our modern telecommunications depend upon satellites. Most of the internet communication, international telephony and even financial transaction data is communicated through satellites, so specializing in aerospace gives a great opportunity to work in the telecommunications sector.For those who are more fortunate, the possibility of working with rockets and other spacecraft is also an exciting prospect.Many universities, government agencies, military as well as some private companies are conducting ground breaking work and aerospace engineers are taking a huge part in this endeavor. Especially with the prospects in space tourism, there are many private companies which are also using their resources for sub orbital space flight. For example, just recently private companies such as Virgin Atlantic have started offering various tour packages for the space tourist and for the space enthusiast. Naturally, due to this investment as well as others, aerospace engineers play an important role in the private sector as well. In order to become one, you will need to have passion in these potential fields and you will also need to have a good background in mathematics and physics. If you are thinking of a career in aerospace engineering; contact your nearest university for the best engineering program today.